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Common Link Building Mistakes in SEO Web Directory

Link building happens to be one of the most crucial parts of SEO marketing and to make your site ranked higher in search engines like Bing. Still though, that's no any reason so rush out and search them from just any source including free web directories. Link building, if done in the wrong method, will always result in wasting more time and spending higher costs. If you are serious about building links, then you have to do it ethically, the correct way. While the short cuts look appealing, it won't be worth it if search engines delist your site. At the past, the approaches for backlink building have changed a lot. Actually, building links is not as easier as it does before the Internet web directory; it's gotten a lot harder to do nowadays. Google and other major search engines are implementing filter systems on those who try to fool their systems. Of course lots of black hat webmasters still use techniques such as link/comment spamming and other methods. White hat free backlink building takes much longer time to do right such as submitting to seo directories, and that's why some marketers can find themselves doing wrong and making mistakes in their campaigns.

It's not a good choice to make an image backlink if you can make a text backlink for seo link building. Marketers make lots of mistakes in their marketing campaigns because they're in a hurry to obtain better results. Mistakes with the anchor text can be included, here. Even though an image link is absolutely fine at this point and if well-made can get you more traffic, it's always good to have your keywords or key phrases in the anchor texts for successful optimization. This is often ignored because some consider an image link is better, but that's not always true in all situations. The traffic you can receive by submitting sites to free web directories can be really targeted as it can get you ranked well for the right keywords. Google, web services directory and other search engines like to see keywords in link anchor text. An image link is fine but only if it's an additional link.

Conclusion of SEO Web Directory

SEO web directory allows sponsored submissions rather than just selling text link Ads. Selling direct text links is another very common mistake we always make nowadays. So lots of marketers still sell links on their websites which is a dangerous practice because they will be penalized by search engines. Always remember that most networks of this type do not try to hide what they're currently doing. Also, don't make the mistake of having direct keyphrases such as "Buy PR 6 links for only $9", which would be a direct hint that telling others you're selling text links on your site. Ultimately, the safest thing is not to sell any links just so you don't run into any problems. How to get backlinks is a big SEO topic you can't avoid. Make a good effort to stay away from the stupid mistakes discussed above, and your free backlinks will be the best they can be. Be patient and employ good practices when doing the submission in the SEO web directory. That will see you through to success with SEO.

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